Pierre De Bosscher

CEO & Founder

Pierre brings more than 40 years of experience of the diamond industry into ID-Diamonds bvba. He joined Antwerp Diamond Bank nv (ADB), a major worldwide financier of the diamond industry, in 1976. In 2003 he became Managing Director and member of the Executive Committee of ADB responsible for operations (finance, compliance, accounting and IT).

In 2008 he became Director of Antwerp Diamond Bank Asia Pasific (ADBAP) located in Singapore and Director of the ADB Private Equity Fund.

In 2009 he was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Committeeand member of the Board of Directors of ADB.

In 2010 he took up chairmanship of the Audit Committee of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).

From 2012 till 2013 Pierre was member of the International Advisory Board of the Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange SDiX.

Since March 2016 Pierre is a member of the "Diamond Committee" of Channel Capital Advisors LLC in London.

In April 2015 he established his own company, De Bosscher Consulting bvba, working on alternative financing such as non-bank funding and securitisation programs for a number of his previous bank customers. He has an extended network in the industry with diamond companies and main suppliers to the industry.

In the beginning of this year he took over the assets of ID-Diamonds GmbH and founded mid June ID-Diamonds bvba where he is acting as CEO.

















Gaurang Gohel

Managing Director Sales

Gaurang Gohel has been trading diamonds in the famous Diamond Square Mile of Antwerp for the most part of his life. He has been buying and selling diamonds between India, Belgium, USA and Hong Kong for over 30 years.  During this period he was asked many times by friends, about their desire to invest in diamonds but….there were quite some reasons for this. “We do not know the price of the diamonds”, “When we go to sell it back we get a lot less than what we paid for to buy” , “ how do we know this is a good quality diamond?” and so on. When he heard of the solution that ID Diamonds brings to all these problems, he knew this is the future. 

When it comes to trading diamonds it always comes down to personal chemistry and relationship between a buyer and a seller. Know-how and experience on the trading floor is very important and necessary when it comes to find the best of the diamonds in top colour and top clarity. Because we want only the best stones for our Knoxes at the most competitive prices. 

















Gerrit Blommaert

Director Marketing

Gerrit built his career of 42 years in the banking industry. He was active for 37 years in KBC, one of the biggest Belgian Banks. Mainly as Corporate Account Officer in Antwerp Corporate Headquarters and afterwards as a Corporate Manager Branch East of Flanders.  Later on, he has been responsible for the the Cluster Management Retail Banking in Antwerp City and the Diamond District.  In 2010 he made the switch to the second largest diamond financing bank, namely the Antwerp Diamond Bank, a 100% subsidiary of the KBC Group.  There he held the position of Management Support CEO until 2015.   Gerrit is familiar with the diamond world and is regularly contacted by a lot of people and private equity funds that want to invest with confidence in highly qualified natural diamonds. Believing in diamonds being an asset class and the full transparency and standardization of the ID-Diamonds product, the ID-KNOXES, he decided to join ID-Diamonds in 2019 as a shareholder. 


















Heinz-Joerg Jansen

















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